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Ecolodge in nature itself Camping safari and photography tours Wildlife watching in Yala National Park Explore the wild Sri Lanka Luxury and Adventure camping options ‘The team was very trained and efficient’ Giovanni Mari, wildlife photographer Ecolodge alternative – wilderness living
Stylish camping safari and wildlife watching tours in Sri Lanka's Yala National Park


Generally operating in the jungles and national parks of South East Sri Lanka, Aliya Safaris’ tracker and driver team are highly experienced in block 1 of Yala National Park.

Certainly a photographer’s dream world with the greatest variety and highest density of wildlife in Sri Lanka completed by a picturesque bush type landscape.

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An ultimate style of safari is to combine it with a wilderness living experience.

We run our own semi-permanent tented camp in a jungle of great natural beauty.

We possess high quality camp equipment and have the capacity to arrange mobile camp events directly amidst the great outdoors.

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We aim at constant high marks for every facets of the good safari.

We have roots in a wilderness region near the northern block four of Yala and we do feel home in the jungles.

Added to the local perspective we are guided by national and international eco- and responsible tourism ideals and best practice.



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Safari only - Morning & Afternoon Per person: US$70 SAFARI ONLY TRIPS:
We currently offer 1/2 day tours with our team.
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