Aliya Safari


Who are we

The experience we are creating and promoting is living in the wilderness and wildlife watching.  Aliya Safari is a branch of Tree Tops Jungle Lodge, Sri Lanka’s pioneering and award winning ecolodge which is situated in a remote area, a wilderness outside the northern block 4 of Yala National Park. As a specialized ecotourism company and team, we are exclusively working with nature based tourism in the jungles, forests and national parks of southeastern Sri Lanka. During the years we have registered a growing demand for wildlife watching tours with our team and in 2009 Tree Tops Jungle Lodge added safari camping to the services we are offering.

Now, based on a decade of jungle operations the Tree Tops jungle team has introduced our signature safari camp/wildlife watching experience; ‘Aliya Safari Luxury Tent Camp’. An exclusive safari camping event arranged in the southern part of Yala National Park, in the wildlife rich block 1 where the chance to observe leopards is best. Aliya Safari Camp as a brand was launched after a long testing period with real bookings diverted from Tree Tops Jungle Lodge enquires. Like the lodge, also the safari camp is about a fine balance between the components of authencity, tent comfort, personalized service / attention to details / location / experienced trackers.

We have decided to brand our mobile safari camps Aliya Safari with the intention to underline the difference between our base camp – the ‘jungle lodge’ and our additional services – our mobile ‘safari camps’ which we organize inside national parks for the days of the booking. 

Furthermore, such camp events can be designed as components in a customized wildlife watching tour package including several locations, accommodations and transfer.


What we do

The concept of Tree Tops Jungle Lodge has always been living and walking with a team of local trackers in the wilderness around the lodge. Due to our clear ecotourism vision and our ability to organize an authentic, yet top class, experience amidst wilderness and simple facilities we have been honored with the ‘Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award’ in 2008.

We are probably the only company in Sri Lanka with the capacity to take clients on walking safaris, a specialty service provided by us since the opening of Tree Tops Jungle Lodge in January 2002.  Jungle walks were developed and produced by our own team and we never buy this service from any external provider.

As a jungle and community based, camp style, lodge our team represent vast experience in the field and team members at all levels of the company are very jungle experienced.  This is including our leader and CEO of the company, Lars Sorensen who has also taken all photographs used on this website. 

All photos are taken at the specific locations they are used to illustrate and the Aliya website contains a comprehensive image documentation intended to make a real feel for the various areas of Yala National Park as well as other safari attractions in southern Sri Lanka such as Bundala, Gal Oya and Uda Walawa.

Our office team also represents real insight into our services in the wilderness and may be a qualified naturalist as well as a knowledgeable advisor for your holiday planning so the safari camp is integrated in the itinerary in the best way. 

We are also pleased to use our expertise and passion to put together a tailormade wildlife/nature tour or a custom made bush and beach holiday package based on your personal requirements. Please feel free to enquire, we will design your holiday our style based on your interests.