Aliya Safari

Yala based specialists

A last Asian wilderness. Extreme natural beauty and wildlife habitats. Wild elephants.  Sloth Bear. Leopards. That is the Yala jungles.
This website is about our Aliya Safari camps in the Yala National Park in Southeast Sri Lanka as well as wildlife safari tours and camps in adjoining national parks around or connected to Yala. 

We live in this part of Sri Lanka and love the Yala wilderness and are passionate about observing all the species of wildlife inhabiting these jungles. We are looking into this area from our base camp in the northern Yala jungles. From our ecolodge known as Tree Tops Jungle Lodge, situated south of the small towns of Buttala and Okkampitiya.

A primary focus of this website is the total ecosystem and wilderness area inside and around Yala National Park. This is basically the area from Hambantota to Buttala to Arugam Bay. An amazing and unique place in the world and taken in its entirety this part of Sri Lanka is home to one of the world’s largest populations of the Asian elephant. While we are fascinated when we spot leopards, we also have a great concern for the elephant and this is the main consideration behind the word Aliya which in Sinhala language means elephant.  We are constantly looking for alternative areas in Yala or special interest things to experience in the jungles outside the national parks and when opportunities arise we will make such tour options available through Aliya Safari.

An ethos behind everything we do

A decade ago we began creating authentic and special experiences for adventurous clients visiting our ecolodge in an amazing bush and forest setting of great natural beauty. Based on the awareness that real wilderness, natural sounds and silence of a peaceful forest location is a luxury in itself, we introduced a new concept that we called simple living in the jungle.  That was a back to basics approach where we combined minimal comfort with maximum service and attention to all the small and important details.  The vision was about blending the service level of a luxury hotel with the primitive set up of a remote mud- and tree hut jungle retreat without electricity. The whole staff team recruited from the local area and trained at the lodge. Our concept created a new, authentic, way to experience a local community, and do it in style. Our ethos about simple living in the jungle is an understated way to express a certain sense of quality. Basically we want to focus on the essentials of the experience while giving you the feeling of being in good hands in those remote, wild places.