The wild camping team - behind the curtain

This is a mobile camping tour, into the wild itself, inside a national park.  

The camping tour is an adventure experience with overnight stay in tents in Yala.

The camping set up and facilities is simple and with primitive but functional facilities.

If you are up to it, it’s truly a wonderful one-of-its-kind adventure – enjoyable in its own special way. 

The wild camping tour uses locations 10 – 20 kilometer inside the Yala National Park.

Wild camp events are organized for each tour – every time – and only for 1 or 2 or 3 nights.

A wild camping tour is an event prepared by our team prior to arrival of clients.

Our wild camping team takes care of all the practical work and will make the camp ready to be a live-able place to stay for the guests.

Bringing in the camping kit

Our transport space is limited.

Apart from national park regulations we have operative, budget and transport restrains with regard to the equipment that can be brought inside the national park for such few days.

All the gear is brought inside in two jeeps only. That means along with the camp team including all food items, ice-boxes; everything we need for the camping days.

With our camping safari practice and passion we make it work in a quite nice way. It is what is, and each individual tour feels like a pioneering voyage, discovering the interior of one of Asia’s wildest national parks.