Aliya Safari

Hotel based SAFARI

How is it working? - Simple!

Our hotel + safari packages are straightforward. They are including 1)hotel stay & 2)safari tours. We ensure the accommodation reservation is working perfectly and will take you on safari with our team and these tours are following our own general company guidelines.

We are not a comprehensive hotel booking portal and are not accepting an unlimited number of reservations. We are only offering our hotel+safari packages and can take the package booking only if our safari team is available on the requested days.

Any place to stay that we are using would have been not only inspected by us; we also have an excellent understanding with our hotel partners. Basically we are only using a handful of accommodation options even though it can be flexible to some degree depending on client' particular wishes and availability at the hotels. If any specific interest and needs the ideal accommodation can be discussed. Private bungalows for families or small groups can be offered.


Our places to stay come in two categories.

We are offering these two classes:

'Medium class' Good value.
Clean rooms as well as first-rate food.
Spotless service and trustworthy reservation procedures.
Traffic noise free environment.

'Top end class'

The best available hotel choices in the area.
Superior rooms and location.
Reliable reservation.
Traffic noise free environment.

Our programs and itineraries refer to sample hotels or similar hotel depending on availability.

We will however, let you know about the exact accommodation place when you are making the reservation and no surprise will happen afterwards.