LOCATION: Yala National Park block 1

Similar to the luxury tent option, also our 'adventure camp' is typically organized using locations in Yala block 1. The details here refer to 'Adventure Camp' as offered in Yala Block 1.

What to expect of the camp: overview

  • In terms of experience our 'De Luxe' and 'Adventure' camping accommodation types are basically similar; the difference that sets them apart is the comfort level of your tented 'room'
  • Our 'adventure camp' accommodation type is the more light weight 'economy class variety' of Aliya safari camping and is slightly more budget friendly
  • Since the safari camp rate is not for the room alone, the rate difference between the 'room types' cannot be a huge one. The tented place to stay is only one of many cost factors included in and determining the rates
  • For Aliya Safari adventure camping we recommend group bookings of a minimum of 4 persons to take advantage of lower rates per person with more participants
  • The 'adventure camp' is a real camping experience and everything will work perfectly but it's not about being stylish and plastic equipment is not banned as it is on the luxury camp. Who care about luxury ... this tent is good!
  • The bedroom cabin offers ample space, it is dome shaped, 9 square meter large, 225 cm high and good beds are arranged. Private toilet/bathroom outside the tent
  • Outside the tent you have a shaded verandah under tent cover with chairs and tables where you can sit down reading a book and view the national park surroundings

Comparable to the luxury tented camp this is what you can expect of the adventure camp -

  • Great food and spotless dinner tables arranged in wild natural surroundings. Candlelit dinner completes the day in the national park camp site
  • A 6-man camp-team taking care of all your needs in the camp
  • Attentive staff, we are specialists in personalized service and the team understands the important little things making the difference
  • At night the safari camp site is illuminated by hurricanes, oil lamps and candles outside the tent
  • 2-men night watching teams on site during the whole night. They are very jungle experienced members of our team. They might not speak fluent English but are helpful if you need anything during the night
  • Expert tracker drivers and experienced team members escorting you on safari excursions
  • Charging facility for cameras

The rate is inclusive of:

  1. Tented camping accommodation with camping beds
  2. Toilet/bathroom / running water outside the tent
  3. Outside the tent camping chairs and small tables
  4. All meals, bottled water and refreshments, tea/coffee, fruit etc. Curry style dinner prepared from fresh, local raw materials.
  5. Safari drives in classic Defender safari Land Rover
  6. Local beer
  7. Wine can be purchased at the camp for additional price (you can also order your wine prior to the stay, please request our online wine card)
  8. Wildlife Department camp site fees
  9. Entrance tickets, government taxes & service charges
  10. Mandatory Wildlife Department tracker at camp site
  11. All costs for 6 man staff team, including English speaking naturalist / host
  12. Security/night watching. Jungle experienced staff of the Tree Tops team will be watching on the camp site the whole night in 2-man teams.



More Locations where 'Adventure Camp' stay is offered

There are other national parks than Yala as well as alternative areas outside parks that can be considered better for elephant watching. If elephant watching is a primary interest then other national parks than Yala can be recommended. For example, Uda Walawa National Park is an outstanding place for observing elephants and also Lunugamvehera National Park has a large population of elephants and tours into this wilderness are very enjoyable because this park still only attracts few visitors.

Occasionally we are offering safari camp events in other national parks than Yala such as Gal Oya and Uda Walawa, both within our "home range" area in South and East Sri Lanka. Do also feel free to get in touch with us for a safari camp tour quote for Gal Oya and Uda Walawa. Minimum parties of four participants are required.

The Gal Oya National Park is unlike any other national park and has a completely different experience to offer with boat safari tours on an enormous lake. Sailing along forested hills and between small islands while observing wild elephants is the specialty of Gal Oya where there are more elephant to be seen during the dry season (June October). The area periodically attracts a quite large concentration of elephants.


Aliya Safari adventure camping is not about comfortable, stylish accommodation with ensuite bathroom. On the other hand we give our word that this is a great adventure experience: staying in a tent - in the jungles of Sri Lankan national parks in good company with our jungle team.

The most frequently used location is Yala National Park, block 1. Why is that? Primarily we would generally offer our safari tour services in the Yala expanse because this is our natural home area seen from our 'base camp' north of Yala.

The second reason for organizing safaris mainly in Yala block 1 is that there are more wildlife sightings and generally a great variation of photo opportunities. There is currently no parallel safari area in Sri Lanka; this is the bottom line so we'll tell this openly. The block 1 has to be recommended for most sightings in shortest time and it's for good reasons this place is the most popular safari area in Sri Lanka.

Alternative Yala areas beyond block 1 have different advantages and a higher degree of real wilderness feeling experience and loneliness since there are no crowds. If leopard sightings and variety is not the primary choice, then new areas can be suggested for day tour safaris.

Please note that description of facilities and the rates are valid for 'adventure camp' bookings for Yala National block 1. There may be differences for camps at other locations so please get in touch with us for further information.

For our planning and logistics early bookings are necessary, appreciated and recommended (ideally more than 2 months prior to arrival and better much earlier!).

Please keep in mind that this is 'camping' and arranged at remote locations so bookings can't be taken by us from day-to-day like a hotel. Bookings must be made well in advance to give time for required planning. Availability of all safari camp events are depending on weather seasons, accessibility of sites in the parks and how busy our team is.




Please get in touch with us for an exact quote based on your particular requirements and group size

4 and 5 PAX
02 nights per person per night USD $ 325
03 nights per person per night USD $ 290
04 nights per person per night USD $ 259


6 - 8 PAX
02 nights per person per night USD $ 295
03 nights per person per night USD $ 290
04 nights per person per night USD $ 249

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