LOCATION: Organized in Yala National Park block 1

What to expect of the camp: overview

  • De Luxe tent suite arranged for you in the wilderness, in the middle of a national park
  • Designed with ventilation between the roof and the inside cabin, the tented luxury accommodation is tailor made for the hot, dry climate of Yala
  • The tent offers good space, measures 22m and is featuring a tastefully designed ensuite bathroom complete with sink, running water, mirror, flush toilet and shower cabin
  • Comfortable queen size camping beds with futon style mattresses, mosquito net flanked by battery driven easy switch on/off electric lamps on wooden bed folding tables/li>
  • Outside the tent a verandah under roof with a few pieces of furniture from where you can overlook the national park surroundings
  • Great food and spotless dinner tables arranged in wild natural surroundings. Candlelit dinner completes the day in the national park camp site
  • A 6-man camp-team taking care of all your needs in the camp
  • Attentive staff, we are specialists in personalized service and the team understands the important little things making the difference
  • At night the safari camp site is illuminated by hurricanes, oil lamps and candles outside the tent
  • 2-men night watching teams on site during the whole night. They are very jungle experienced members of our team. They might not speak fluent English but are helpful if you need anything during the night
  • Expert tracker drivers and experienced team members escorting you on safari excursions
  • Charging facility for cameras
Based on a decade of jungle lodge experience we have designed our own dream of a mobile safari camp and we are ready to arrange a unique living in the jungle adventure inside the Yala National Park. Our luxury camp accommodation is a tent answering those asking for a 1st class camping option with a balanced blend of unpretentious style and comfort without compromise.

The spirit of true safari is alive in our camp. Our safari camp is about two important factors. The first is simple but stylish and comfortable accommodation as well as spotless table arrangements and great food prepared from fresh locally sourced ingredients.

The second factor is the way the team is attending to your needs. Even more important than the tent is our intention to make you feel that you are in good hands in the jungle inside the wilderness of the national park.
Aliya Safari is owned and operated by Tree Tops Jungle Lodge and the safari staff team is very jungle experienced and are at home in the wilderness. They are not recruited from the hotel school and our safari camp is not Ritz and the menu is not meant for the Michelin guide.

But accommodation is in style, the staff knows the jungle as their own backyard and they truly have great passion for wild animals.


02 nights per person per night USD $ 410
03 nights per person per night USD $ 390


02 nights per person per night USD $ 370
03 nights per person per night USD $ 330


02 nights per person per night USD $ 350
03 nights per person per night USD $ 320

The rates are all inclusive

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