Aliya Safari

The Safari experience

Our style

We are a specialized jungle team focusing on what we know
best and are enthusiastic because we are working with our
passion, the wildlife and the wilderness.

Our jungle team will ensure safari drives are conducted in the
best possible ways in terms of responsible behavior and
comfort. Observing wildlife, not chasing or surrounding wild
animals is our style of safari. We would often wait for the
wildlife with the motor off, instead of driving all the time.





Sample day in Aliya Safari Camp in Yala National Park, block 1

The experience in Aliya Safari Camp in Yala National Park is focused on viewing wildlife. There are twice daily guided excursions in a classic 4WD safari Land Rover, our preferred safari vehicle.

Yala Block 1 where the Aliya Safari Luxury Tent Camp is usually set up presents the best opportunities to spot wildlife and apart from leopards there are good sighting chances of elephant, jackal, sloth bear and a variety of other animals and birds. Guests are not guaranteed a leopard sighting, but the Yala block 1 area is among the best to do so in Asia. Bird life, both resident and migratory, is prolific and over 200 species have been
sighted within the park.

The 140 block 1 of Yala has for decades enjoyed conscious conservation efforts due to its status and reputation as safari area and has a stable population of around 40 adult leopards. In fact, a density
comparable to the best safari parks in Africa. However, in Yala the chance to actually see a leopard appears to be better than in African parks where leopards tend to be more night active. In Sri Lanka the leopard is top
predator, apart from wild buffaloes a full grown leopard has no dangerous enemies and this has affected the behavior so it is more visible in the day time. In block 1, leopards are also habituated to the safari vehicles and are moving around without much concern for the 4‐wheeled things.

The best time to view wildlife is in the early morning and late afternoon. The morning starts with tea or coffee at 5am with your safari land rover leaving camp around 5.30am. Excursions last around 3.5 hours and take place twice a day. The Trips are led by our naturalist, tracker‐driver as well as National Park‐appointed trackers. They are searching the park on a variety of routes. Snacks, bottled water and drinks are provided.

The morning excursion returns at about 9am when breakfast is served either in the restaurant tent or in the privacy of a guest's own tent. Afternoon excursions depart from the camp at around 3.00pm and generally return at 6.30pm. Excursion times are flexible and depending on movement of wildlife and wishes of guests.





Aliya Safari use classic 4WD Land Rover for safari drives. The landrover has open sides and a sun cover.

A strong and practical vehicle for the purpose. There are no chairs but the old style system with benches in each side. We consider this by far the most comfortable and practical design.

You can move your body, stretch your legs and easily jump to the best place to shoot a photo when you need it. An advantage in typical leopard sighting situations, where you get a few seconds to react.

The Land Rover itself (the iron bars carrying the roof) is good for camera support.

Aliya Safaris in classic 4WD safari Land Rover Defender